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A digital course to help you recover from Breast cancer treatments

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Worried about what cancer treaetments will do long term? Want to prevent or minimize the effects of these treatments yourself?

Created just for those diagnosed with breast cancer...

This course will take you through modules for before, during, and after breast cancer treatments. Including lumpectomy, mastectomy (double or single), radiation, and chemotherapy. It will provide exercises, resources, and education to help prevent and/or minimize some of the side effects of these treatments. It is all at your own pace. 
Are you concerned about lymphedema? What about limited motion of your arm? Want to prevent urinary incontinence? Want tips on how to improve your posture? How about helping with fatigue?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is for you!

Imagine getting your life back immediately after cancer treatments!

Waiting until side effects appear can often cause delayed treatment, months or years of costly care and even loss of full function. The key is to prevent these side effects and get back to the life you love. 

Start the course today and save money, time and pain!

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Everything You Need

Exercises, education and resources!

All In One Spot

Accessible at any time during your treatment and recovery.

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Premium Video Trainings

Access to 10+ high quality modules that will guide you step by step through exercises and education.
Topics include:
  • What to do before treatments.
  • ​What to do during treatments.
  •  What to look for following surgery.
  • ​Steps to take to prevent/minimize severity of lymphedema.
  • ​Exercises/education for shoulder range of motion.
  • ​How to treat cording (axillary web syndrome).
  • ​Exercises/education for improved posture.
  • ​Exercises/education for fatigue.
  • ​Exercises/education for urinary incontinence. 
  • ​Exercises/education for pelvic pain.

Exclusive Resources

  •  Digital downloads of exercises.
  • ​PDF downloads of valuable education.
  •  Access to a private Facebook group for women diagnosed with breast cancer and practitioners who help these women. 

Right Now You Have Two Choices

Option #1

Purchase this course and prevent/minimize possible side effects now! Saving you time, money and pain.

Option #2

Wait and see if side effects occur and spend extra time and money to try to fix them while suffering through them. 
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